Your First Session

If you decide to try therapy you may be unsure about what to expect, particularly in your first session. During your first session with me I will seek to understand:

  • Why you are seeking therapy at this time; what has brought you here and what do you hope to gain from therapy?

  • What is your current situation, including any day to day issues you are needing to cope with? How have you been affected by your personal history?

  • What symptoms, if any, are you experiencing?

Simply put: what is troubling you, how long the issue has lasted and how the issue affects you. 

It is helpful if you can be honest and open when answering these questions in order to get the most out of your therapy sessions. Building a trusting relationship with me as your therapist is important for you to feel safe and confident enough to talk about your worries. If, for any reason, you do not feel comfortable during sessions it can be really helpful to explore this together   If you do not feel this is possible for you, it is perfectly acceptable for you to look for another therapist.

During your first session with me I will explain:

  • dates and times of your therapy sessions

  • our working agreement, which I will have sent to you prior to our first appointment

  • how and when I may be contacted outside of sessions